APM Annual Meeting

March 09, 2019

Araytor  Asamblea APM  28 Feb 2019  Palma de Mallorca

Last week we were in an interesting session of Dionís Aymar de Araytor https://www.araytor.com/ within the annual Assembly of the Association of Musical Producers http://www.apmusicales.com

Dionís based his original talk on 23 questions about the sector that was shelled one by one and that the attendees responded with the PowerQ interactive voting system; Dionís did not use any other support slide because each answer gave him the opportunity to explain a specific topic. What is covered by insurance? What can be covered? When should it be done? … The attendees came out of the meeting much more informed as the speaker knew at each moment where he should put more emphasis and what issues could be dealt with quickly. And with good music because in each question different but consecutive pieces of the same song sounded, we were with real experts and we could not fail in those details.