Maas Group

December 29, 2018

We closed 2018 with the Christmas Dinner of Maas Group, magnificently organized by Bacus and the team with Andie, Ari and Lourdes.

 To boost the evening, it was counted among other things with a Messenger Voting System to hold a team contest where attendees had to search for members of their team who wore the same identification (to encourage the relationship between employees and departments, as in large companies it is difficult for everyone to know each other).

 Once the teams were arranged, a Quizz of questions about the automobile sector was entered, where with each question there was also a familiar song related to cars.

 If the party was animated, it was with the Quizz when people were heard the most, the groups that were right, those that failed, those that sang when the songs sounded, all conducted by a magnificent presenter. And although it was a large number of attendees, doing the competition by teams just a tenth of keypads were used, lowering the cost.