Who we are and what we do

AMECA Servicios Corporativos has been offering in Spain since 1993 the best service and best Interactive Voting products, the most comprehensive advice and monitoring of meetings, making available the best audience response systems on the market and the full backing and use of our highly qualified staff.

The interactive meetings are those where the audience can vote or choose through a remote control from various response options that are offered through a projection screen showing the results instantly, allowing the moderator to have instant feedback from their audience and to know whether the message they want to convey, is arriving.

Two reasons to work with us

We work with all kinds of meetings

We work with all kinds of meetings, in medical conferences of any specialty, internal conventions, training sessions, business activities, interactive quizzes, television programs, general assemblies, etc. Although we do events with more than 1.500 attendees, we also take the same care and dedication with 15.

We lead the industry

AMECA leads the industry in interactive meetings in Spain, both in the number of meetings and quantity of equipment and technicians available, allowing us to cover all domestic and international destinations. Stockholm, London, Washington, Kiev, Istanbul, Brussels, Marrakech, Cairo, Lisbon, Rome, Paris are only some of the settings of our meetings.