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Message Gateway

The Message Gateway is a solution designed to manage messages effectively from multiple sources and to allow moderators and facilitators to channel them seamlessly to one or many displays.

In today’s meetings it is imperative to consult and engage with audiences.However, the quantity of information generated can sometimes be difficult to manage during the event.

  • How can you get relevant questions from the audience to specific presenters without interrupting the event?
  • How can they then tell you which questions to display?

With the Message Gateway, each expert is equipped with a touch screen device such as an iPad. As questions and comments from the audience flow into the system, they can easily be routed in real time to the relevant expert, and these messages appear instantly on their individual devices.

They can add private comments and then with one simple touch on their device, selected messages can be sent immediately to the main projection screen for the audience to see and discuss.

The Message Gateway can handle multiple displays and each screen can show a different image or set of data. For example, comments about the event can be shown like a Twitter feed or a Facebook Wall on a specific display.

A notable feature of the Message Gateway is that it is does not require highly technical staff to operate it. It is designed to be controlled by the real experts on the subject, namely the speakers and moderators themselves.