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“Master” Keypads

Among the general characteristics of controls, thanks to PowerQ software, we can offer many possibilities::

  • Ask questions with multiple choice options where you can choose not only one option but two, three, or those of any previously determined amount.
  • Correct answer. In a graph of responses, the right one appears in a different colour than the others, being able to assign different scores to the correct options for each question.
  • Prioritise. You can prioritise options giving value to the order of selection, and select in order of preference among the various options. For example: ask the audience to put in order the following features that a product should have: Design, Price or Reliability. When a user votes, the first option pressed receives three points, the second, two and the third, a single point.
  • Profiles and segmentations. At the beginning you can ask about the years of work experience or the professional specialty, then be able to segment any answer to that profile. Thus, we can see if there are differences of opinion according to the profile.
  • Comparisons. A question may be actioned before and after exposure, showing simultaneously both results to see if there has been any change in the audience. Explaining a particular technique, the speaker can check if attendees would be ready to use it after their argument.
  • Contests. We can make individual and team competition, with different scoring methods according to the needs of the client.

All this information can be displayed live or provided after the event for analysis.