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AMECA Platform

The Ameca Platform is a communication and participation system for any kind of event using the Smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet or other devices with an internet connection from the audience. No App has to be installed and is compatible with all operative systems, at any country in the world where you have internet access.

With the Ameca Plataform you can:

  • Ask your audience to vote or choose, rate speakers, poll
  • Have several message channels by Rooms, Speaker or Subject where the audience can post their messages, questions, or comments at any moment.
  • Offer the attendants extra information as an agenda, updates, changes, etc.
  • Have a different graphic display for the audience devices and other to display on large screens.

The Ameca Platform is flexible, new channels can be added, the background, layout, buttons even the language can be modified according to your request.

All united by Ameca’s 25 year experience in events, giving personal advise and helping with the planning of every meeting.

Connect with your device to and see a demo where you can write messages, vote, see results and check the agenda.