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Hybrid events at Ameca

VOTING IN HYBRID EVENTS: We continue providing solutions so the entire audience of the event, both on-site and online, can vote and participate together in real time. We combine our voting devices with the Ameca Platform for online participation, showing

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Is there still a place for voting keypads?

Is there still a place for voting keypads? It seems that this is a popular time for people to start doubting the relevancy of the interactive solutions that started “eventtech” all those years ago. We have heard people state that

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#EBMT19 Frankfurt,, we have collaborated once again with the professionals of TPI using our voting system with keypads. The audience participated in a massive way answering the questions instantly and comparing the pre / post of the correct answers.  

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Bruto 1[1]

Dermopediatrics XVI

One more year and there are already ten, we have had the trust of Dermopediatrics in its XVI edition. The work is more comforting when you know that you are helping to improve the knowledge of the medical class

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Araytor  Asamblea APM  28 Feb 2019  Palma de Mallorca

APM Annual Meeting

Last week we were in an interesting session of Dionís Aymar de Araytor within the annual Assembly of the Association of Musical Producers Dionís based his original talk on 23 questions about the sector that was shelled one

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AVE 2019

One more year we collaborated so that the businessmen of the Valencian community valued the news and transferred their opinion to society through our voting systems. The assembly of AVE 2019 was a successful participation.  

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Captura video Ameca Maas

Maas Group

We closed 2018 with the Christmas Dinner of Maas Group, magnificently organized by Bacus and the team with Andie, Ari and Lourdes.  To boost the evening, it was counted among other things with a Messenger Voting System to hold a

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IEF 2018

IEF 2018

One more year our system has been used in the annual Assembly of the Family Business Institute held in October in Valencia. More than 500 businessmen can assess the economic situation of the country and visualize the results on the

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TAIC 2017 IMG-20170722-WA0004

TAIC 2018

The associates of the meat industry (TAIC) have returned to hold their annual assembly in June of this year in Tarrasa to vote / discuss very important issues about their statutes and way of functioning using our Messenger keyboards. Last

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Airbus Experience

Airbus Spain is a customer that needs innovation in all its work, for this reason they have been one of the first to test the experience of implementing in their meetings of transparency towards their employees the use of our

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