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Our Master and Messenger keypads, are wireless, either by radio or Wi-Fi, and can reliably cover large areas. Both have a numeric keypad (alphanumeric, in the case of Messenger), which lets you choose among 99 possible answers (if you require so). They also have an LCD screen where the user receives certain information such as; warning beeps at the beginning and at the end of voting time from the controller itself and, via software from the PC. We can include any type of music during the voting period to enliven or energise meetings.

In case of customer needs, each keypad has a number that records the responses individually, allowing individualised monitoring of participation and keystrokes for each attendee. Ideal for competitions and training courses.

Message Gateway
Smart Badges
AMECA Platform

“Messenger” keypad

State of the art voting devices. The most advanced and up to date on the European market.

Uses a Wi-Fi connection to the receiver, representing coverage of about 20,000 m2. Its communication under standard protocol 802.11 of Wi-Fi with 128 bits encryption, gives reliability and security when connected.

A large LCD screen, accompanied with a user-friendly, multifunction, soft-key, keyboard gives the client appliances that until now have been unattainable.

User ID with RFID radio frequency cards and insertion of logos on the LCD (different sponsors for the events).

If you NEED or SEARCH the vanguard of voting keypads, our Messenger keypad should be your choice. Download more information of the new advantages of this new keypad.


“Master” Keypads

Among the general characteristics of controls, thanks to PowerQ software, we can offer many possibilities::

  • Ask questions with multiple choice options where you can choose not only one option but two, three, or those of any previously determined amount.
  • Correct answer. In a graph of responses, the right one appears in a different colour than the others, being able to assign different scores to the correct options for each question.
  • Prioritise. You can prioritise options giving value to the order of selection, and select in order of preference among the various options. For example: ask the audience to put in order the following features that a product should have: Design, Price or Reliability. When a user votes, the first option pressed receives three points, the second, two and the third, a single point.
  • Profiles and segmentations. At the beginning you can ask about the years of work experience or the professional specialty, then be able to segment any answer to that profile. Thus, we can see if there are differences of opinion according to the profile.
  • Comparisons. A question may be actioned before and after exposure, showing simultaneously both results to see if there has been any change in the audience. Explaining a particular technique, the speaker can check if attendees would be ready to use it after their argument.
  • Contests. We can make individual and team competition, with different scoring methods according to the needs of the client.

All this information can be displayed live or provided after the event for analysis.

Message Gateway

Message Gateway

The Message Gateway is a solution designed to manage messages effectively from multiple sources and to allow moderators and facilitators to channel them seamlessly to one or many displays.

In today’s meetings it is imperative to consult and engage with audiences.However, the quantity of information generated can sometimes be difficult to manage during the event.

  • How can you get relevant questions from the audience to specific presenters without interrupting the event?
  • How can they then tell you which questions to display?

With the Message Gateway, each expert is equipped with a touch screen device such as an iPad. As questions and comments from the audience flow into the system, they can easily be routed in real time to the relevant expert, and these messages appear instantly on their individual devices.

They can add private comments and then with one simple touch on their device, selected messages can be sent immediately to the main projection screen for the audience to see and discuss.

The Message Gateway can handle multiple displays and each screen can show a different image or set of data. For example, comments about the event can be shown like a Twitter feed or a Facebook Wall on a specific display.

A notable feature of the Message Gateway is that it is does not require highly technical staff to operate it. It is designed to be controlled by the real experts on the subject, namely the speakers and moderators themselves.

Smart Badges

RFID based Smart Badges

How would you like to identify your delegates via a quick swipe of a card over a handset?.

No need to slot the card in and remember to take it out afterwards, this uses the same technology as Transport for London’s Oyster Card, allowing quick and easy access to a Messenger handset.The use of these with our audience response systems increases the power and potential of your events, opening up whole new ways to interact with your audiences.

From Silent Auctions to Shareholder AGMs, there is now an instant and flexible way to ensure correct and secure usage of the handset.

AMECA Platform

AMECA Platform

The Ameca 4.0 Platform is a communication and participation system for events through the smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, computer or other devices of the audience with Internet connection. It does not need to install any App and is compatible with all operating systems.

With the Platform you can:

Posing interactive questions to the audience, assessing papers, conducting satisfaction surveys
Have several messaging channels by rooms, themes or speakers, where attendees can post their messages or ask their questions at any time.
Offer updated information on the agenda of the event or any change that is considered necessary to communicate quickly.

Ameca 4.0 Platform is customizable and can add and create new channels, modify the graphic design of it according to logos and colors of the client or sponsor, etc.

You can also have a graphic format for the devices and a different one to be projected in the room.

All this is linked to Ameca’s trajectory in the events sector with more than 20 years of experience in conducting interactive conferences, providing individualized advice to the client and help in the production of the event.

Enter with your device at and try the demo.